Onyx Calculator!

Your current Hero XP.
Your current Drachma.
Your current Ancient Coins.
Your current Gear XP.
How many pieces are already Onyx?
XP you grind daily.
Drachma you grind daily.
Ancient Coins you gain daily.
Number of Transposes you do each day.
Crazy Tapper while transposing.
Calculates at which day you can do extra tranposes to get Onyx.

Hi, it's Zzck! I hope that the calculator can be helpful for you.
Feel free to give me feature suggestions for it.
It's currently very underdeveloped but has these features:
1- Decides whether XP or DR transposing is better.
2- Calculations take;
-If you already have Onyx pieces,
-Your AC Fund and daily AC gain,
-Crazy Tapper on while farming/transposing into account.
3- At the page "Calculation Details" you can see a table to see:
-How many times you need to tranpose with XP & DR each day,
-Your AC Pool each day,
-Your DR/XP/Gear XP progression each day.
4- At the page "Optimization", the calculator will suggest the quickest way to Onyx by telling if you should change your Daily Tranpose Count, again taking your AC situation into account.
5- "Optimization" also suggests a day to bombard tranposes if it's good for you.
6- Finally at "Optimization" you'll see a table just like the one at "Calculation Details" page how it would go if you chose the optimized settings.

After the calculation, results will be summarized here.


(4/9/21) Recalculating caused results to stack on tables, now it can recalculate without refreshing the page.
(4/8/21) Calculate button will only be enabled if the input boxes are filled with positive numbers.